An ISO-9001:2015 Company

About Precision CNC Screw Machine Products

Rhode Island Precision Co., Inc. is committed to provide our customers with quality, excellence, and on time delivery with consistency of service and product.

Our commitment to the client is shared by the owner, management, and employees keeping our company focused to it’s goals.


Rhode Island Precision Co., Inc. was founded October, 1972 in Johnston, Rhode Island. It has been located in a sixty five-thousand square foot plant in Providence, Rhode Island since 1981; and its owner and manager have over forty years experience in the precision machining field. It has always been the objective of Rhode Island Precision to supply quality components with on-time delivery.

With this in mind, in 1985 the company ventured into the computer controlled machining field (CNC). We now have some of the most modern and up-to-date CNC machining equipment available. This equipment is capable of producing the precision components required in today’s high level of manufacturing standards.


Years of service we have gained an insurmountable amount of experience in machining both ferrous and nonferrous materials. We have supplied customers in numerous areas of manufacturing; including aero-space, medical, automotive, electronics, fiber optical and microwave fields. Working in lot size quantities from prototype to large production runs in the hundreds of thousands.


Quality assurance is our most important concern. As the machining industry has advanced to a period of the most stringent standards imaginable. Rhode Island Precision has been able to maintain a high level of quality with the purchase of modern manufacturing and measuring equipment. This coupled with computer generated SPC programming, advanced in-process and final inspection, and heavy investment in employee training in the new quality technologies has given us the reputation as a quality machining facility. We have and always will strive to be a zero defect vendor.

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